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The Magisterium
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((The Magisterium Is now recruiting. Med/Heavy RP.))

The Magisterium is a school. But unlike any school that you have ever known. We do more than teach the hackneyed tried, tested and zealot approved skills that other "colleges" offer their students.

We offer curriculum in a multitude of skills both magickal and mundane.

Do you seek to learn better ways to throw that dagger, or a more efficient way to pierce your opponents armour? Look no further! Our extensive armory and weapons training facilities offer masters in over a dozen known martial forms and techniques.

Do you seek to learn the deep ways, to grasp the edlritch powers and turn the forces arrayed against you back upon themselves? Then look no further! Our Wizards towers and library offer the most extensive and widely collected knowledge from both the northern and southern continents. Air magick? Got it. Death magick? Got it. We even offer courses in standard Warmage, siege tactics.

Dissatisfied with the way your job is working out? Dont like your boss telling you what to do? Let The Magisterium find you the perfect job for you!

We offer contract positions in a number of profesions, from the profain to the profesional, from the mercenary to the merciful, if it can be payed for, The Magisterium will do it.

((Contact either Anderin or Etrieal in game via /tell or mail. Website is incoming ))
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